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A New Decade: Goals For the New Year

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So let’s talk a little bit about goals for the new year. When we sit down and think about what it is that we want to accomplish over the year, and the type of experiences we want to have, what comes to mind? 

For a lot of people, it’s all about making sure that they have a healthy, happy year. Being productive and accomplishing tasks is part of growing as a person and developing. You want to make sure that you have developed as a person. However, I fully understand how this can be a challenge. 

On Creating Goals

Creating goals can be tough. It’s like a promise you make to yourself - something that you intend to do without anyone else coaxing you on. It’s often the case that these goals focus around making a positive difference to our lives - improving fitness, learning a new skill, improving our self-image. Understandably, goals like this are so important for people to have because they push you to be the best version of yourself. 

Why Try Harder?

But why do we make these goals? What are we striving for when we create them? Usually, people are aiming for the best version of themselves. They want to lead more positive lifestyles and so everything that they do is for this singular goal. Everyone has an image in their head of who they want to be - what drives them, what pushes them to greater heights, and the person that they are in a perfect world. Maybe you’ve got abs or you’re pretty wealthy - it all comes down to that incredible image you’ve cultivated. 

Realising Your Potential

Realising these goals can be tough sometimes. There are a lot of roadblocks - most of them are created by you without your knowledge. Going from Point A to Point B is never so simple. People come up with reasons why they can’t do what they want to do. They say that it isn’t possible or it is too tough. But it’s this kind of attitude which can hinder the path to personal growth. You need to try and focus on what it is that makes you strong, and use that as a platform for success. 
Encouraging habits for growth is tough. But there are things you can do every day to make it so that you move forward with your goals and ambitions. For example, you can do one thing every day that makes you anxious or nervous, and then watch as your confidence grows. Realising your potential isn’t hard when you work out that the only roadblocks are the ones you’ve inadvertently created for yourself. 
Making goals for the new year and improving as a person is tricky sometimes. We’re all guilty of struggling with this from time to time. It’s not easy to be better, and we all know it. But when you really try and push on, you’ll start to see just how easy it can be when you’re working to improve yourself and reach the maximum potential you have within. It takes focus, it takes dedication, but it’s also incredibly worth it. 

 - Caroline

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