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What is Life Coaching?

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As I've always said, life is a journey; and how we express ourselves externally has a huge impact on who we are internally. How we approach the goals in every aspect of our lifestyle results in who we are as a person, and our overall outlook on life.
With that in mind, a life coach can bring unparalleled changes to how you feel internally, and help you set & achieve your hopes and dreams.

Types of Life Coaching

In theory, there is only one kind of life coach - and that's someone who shares your best interests, and guides & supports you to meet your next goal - whether or not you've even set them yet! What makes a life coach special, is finding one that's super easy to connect with, one that is easy to communicate with, and most importantly one you feel comfortable with sharing your vulnerabilities with.

Be comfortable with yourself

One of the fundamentals we will explore in our meetings will be for you to build inner confidence. You are human, you can be vulnerable to mis-judging how people interact towards you, and a result of this can be lack of confidence. We'll explore both the conscious and subsconscious of your being with different methods which will allow you to become comfortable in your own skin, and by learning to love yourself you will see great results in how you apply yourself to all areas of your life.

Connecting with others

Whether you're looking at building your confidence or looking to pursue a new relationship; life coaching can be incredibly beneficial in regard to exploring and discovering the techniques most suited to your personality. We'll delve into the ways you can expel your most unique and positive traits to find your perfect match. I have years of experience in matchmaking and find adding the "human touch" into pairing two people makes for the perfect formula.

Changing career

Are you in a working position where you feel life is passing you by, and there's an urge you have to explore new career options? Well as someone who has recently made the jump from being employed to becoming self-employed, I have first-hand advice and guidance on making the most of the opportunity. We can delve into why you are feeling the way you are in your current working position, where you feel you can take your career next, and most importantly; setting yourself life goals to help you remain focused and driven on the path to your next adventure.

Achieve success with family

Life coaching can often spread to benefit multiple members of a family. While life coaching can help with building inner confidence and bridging new relationships; learning to approach scenarios with the people you may be closest in the world to can improve your lifestyle and approach to things at home. We can discuss why you may be feeling the way you do towards members of your family, and even work in small groups in order to identify multiple viewpoints in order to get the most rewarding compromises. It can be a very refreshing experience for everybody involved.

Let me support you in winning

It's incredibly common for me to find people who can identify the need to make a change to any element of their life; however, either don't have the inner confidence to take the jump towards meeting their life goals, or simply haven't been able to identify and slice their end goals in to bite-size chunks to make them more achievable. Life coaching is all about team work. My clients leave our meetings feeling a step closer to either identifying their next steps towards success; or 2 steps closer by finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Get in touch with me today and let me help you achieve what you've always been capable of; you just didn't know it.